The Vickers-Supermarine Scholar was a trainer development of the Seeker. 


A variation of the Seeker the Scholar was a two seat trainer that eventually matured into a recon platform for use in the Far East against less sophisticated opposition. Originally designed at the same time as the Seeker but as a uprated and improved model it did not enter service with the RAF until 1963, and then only as a crew trainer for the navigation and electronic warfare role. As such it carried almost as many sensors as the Seeker and was often deployed as a stand in during Commonwealth exercises.


During the Red Chinese assault on Taiwan an urgent need for more electronic aircraft became apparent and the Scholar was thrust into the breech. Performing well against the mostly second line Chinese equipment it encountered and more that able to defeat the newer French electronics that were supplied to China in the late 1970s (due to the close Anglo French relationship, or the Special Relationship as it was known in the UK), the Scholar served until 1981 with the RAF.

Unlike the Seeker the Scholar was painted in Anti Flash white as it did have a secondary attack capability though it was of course never utilised.