The day before yesterday had been a good day, for once things had gone right for Pat, for once in a long while things where looking up for him. He had been part of a team that on the direct orders of the Joint Chiefs had moved into Boston and secured one of the many TV stations serving the city. God he was so proud to be a US Marine that day, the day that those pathetic looser civilian polititions where swept away.

He'd seen the faces as the moved into the building, he'd seen the fear on some the joy on others, thought that was surprisingly less than he thought. He'd heard the arguments and he'd seen his Captain hit that bleeding heart tree hugger when she demanded they leave, constitutional rights........did she not know what was going on, did she not see the hole the US of A had got itself into in the persuit of the Dollar ?

He was concerned though of the reteric that come out of the Pentagon, and he was damm sure that contrey to what the new ruling council had said Canadian forces where not launching un-provoked air attacks in the north nor where they " massing " upon the border, hell the Canadian army was too small for that. Though if the Limeys showed up than God only knows.

Today though was not such a good day, he had heard of the war raging to the north and how the Brits where back, it was like 1812 again, Godamme em. Today he was stuck on a roof over 25 stories up standing with his rifle guarding a helipad, yeah like someone was going to steal it!

He was bored though not so bored that he missed the wailing of the airaid siren, He looked to the sky,........... nothing.........then he saw them, coming in from the east six small aircraft low over the city...........they where coming right past him,........he could see them though what aircraft they where he just didnt know but he did know they wern't American and they carried bombs......bombs, here.... to kill Americans. his blood boiled.

Then he heard a differant roar and a fast moving object intersected with one of those strange craft, with a boiling flash of flame and smoke it was gone, just bits now falling to the floor. As he watched the raiders start to rise he saw the F18 claw round toward them,..........he saw the 5 objects part from the craft and continue the arc as the grey and white aircraft tried to streak away,............he watched as he turned ice cold inside. Sh +*& this was it,... this was............then a light as bright as the sun broke before him.
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