The History of Norway

1945- Norway liberated from Nazi occupation.

1949- Norway refuses to join NATO

1953- Norway along with Denmark & Sweden form the Scandinavian Defense Alliance (SDA)'

1973- Norwegian oil & gas deposits are used to alleviate critical supply shortages in both Norway and her allies in the SDA and the New Commonwealth.

1991 - January, 17th- King Olav V dies.

- March, 30th- A massive Soviet & Finnish army is detected massing in northern Finland, on it's border with Norway and Sweden

- April, 1st- 11:35 p.m.- Norwegian Military High Command issues "The General Military Directive Upon an Attack on Norway" (otherwise known as "the poster on the wall")

- April, 2nd- A coalition Government of National Unity is formed with almost all political parties taking part. The only exceptions being the far-right Fedrelandspartiet, (FLP) and Communist Parties. This coalition lasts until the 1997 Norwegian general elections.

- April, 3rd- 12:01 a.m.- Soviet and Finnish army units cross the border to start their invasion of northern Norway and Sweden

- April, 3rd-7th - Repeated naval and air strikes by both Soviet and American forces damage or destroy major Norwegian Air Force and Naval bases. At the same time the Norwegian and Swedish Armies and allied units (a Royal Marine brigade and a rapidly-deployed Canadian Air-Sea Transportable(CAST) brigade) succeeded in delaying the advance of Warsaw Pact troops.

- April, 7th- After their defeat in the Battle of Narvik, Soviet and Finnish troops retreat back across the border.

- April, 8th- A Norwegian Home Guard EOD team locates and disarm a faulty nuclear warhead in a suburban Oslo public park. This occurred a couple of hours after the missile carrying it was intercepted and destroyed by a PS-2 anti-ICBM missile launched from a RAF Avro Arrow Mk.4 that was happened to be deployed over Oslo that day. Thus Oslo the only Scandinavian capital to survive the '91 disaster mostly intact.

Post-1992- Norwegian funds aquired from proceeds of the oil & gas industry is donated to hard-hit Great Britian & Sweden to help with disaster reilef from the 1991 war