The Supermarine Super Attacker FR.7 was a development of the basic Attacker first generation jet aircraft.



The Supermarine Attacker was a simple craft for upgrading being an example of very basic engineering and the Royal Navy was in the market for new and better craft for its never ending quest for naval supremacy. The FR7 had the longer span wings for high altitude operations required from the Admiralty and with the all moving tail . It also had 4 underwing stores points usually used as here for long rang tanks and either 2 Nuclear tipped Blue Bamboo missiles, or 2 recce pods.

Queen's German LegionEdit

This craft is pictured in the service with No. 344 Sqn. QGL (Queens German Legion) an organisation putting Germans from the British controlled sector of Germany into military service. The legion is integrated at most levels into the British military structure and is regarded just as any other member of the armed forces would be. The craft is in the standard northern European scheme for the Royal Navy but does carry high viz strips put on for exercise Northern Resolve-3 to mark it as Orange force (American) invaders of Canadian territory.