Sukhoi Su25 in Commonwealth ServiceEdit

the New Commonwealth aquired from a cash strapped Soviet Union some su25's, qickly shoe horned into RAF and RSAAF service these aircraft saw service on the Angolan border and in the RAF base at RAF Hatzor, Israel.

The deployment of these aircraft as well as Phantom fgr2's was part of the UK's commitment to Israel following the Anglo French treaty with Israel in 1957, a commitment honoured right up to the dark days of 1991. The SU25 became the Raven GR1/2 in RAF service and this particular example saw limited combat in the Israeli and Syrian clashes of 1983/4, with RAF aircraft supporting ANZAC forces deployed in the Golan heights. But also scrupiously not contacting Jordanian Forces also involved in the limited conflict Jordan was a favoured New Commonwealth trading partner and political ally ( ahhhh poltics ). Though not in this case which both countries agreed to ignore as long as no clashes happened.

The aircraft is from 89 sqd and was lost over the Golan Heights on September 19th the last day of the conflict, the pilot was rescued later by a combined SAS patrol.