Shorts Skyvan

Shorts Nightingale C1Edit

In response to the Indonesian attempts to destabilise the region around Borneo, the British and their New Commonwealth allies decided to confront them (very much like our timeline only here the action is more severe with the Indonesians backed by the Soviets and the USA against the "colonial" British) at every turn.

Clashes ranging from squad level up to full regimental conflict occurred within the disputed region often with large casualties suffered by both sides. The RAF and Army were hard pressed to move and rescue all these casualties and so all sorts of measures were put into place to move them.

One such measure was to outfit 20 Shorts Skyvans as a 4-stretcher air ambulance, containing much life-saving equipment these small aircraft became a welcome sight in many improvised jungle airstrips where their short field ability was greatly appreciated. The Nightingale (obviously named) with its trained nurses and doctors was credited with saving many and easing much of the suffering of the wounded of both sides.

During the conflict 8 Nightingales were lost, 2 to accidents, 5 to ground fire and 1 to unknown causes. Today no example of the aircraft is extant but the RAF is in possession of a Skyvan and rumours abound that this is to be painted and displayed as a Nightingale.