Stories of the 91 Disaster

It Happened Right Here

By Tim Morley

Commander Bailey stood at the window and cursed the bad luck that saw him stuck in this bloody hospital as the world went to hell, here he was nursing a broken leg and off active service when it looked like the balloon was
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about to go up, God how he cursed 7 a side Rugby.

He had avidly followed the situation in the world as it slowly descended it chaos, first the amazing news that India had applied to join the New Commonwealth. India of all places, the one country that he thought would never join the more or less UK run organisation. Whilst this was welcome news the fact that India was in a low level war with the Red Chinese was not.

He had also followed the fall of that once mighty democracy the USA, what with the contested election that even the courts could not solve and the obsession with the mighty Dollar. He had been shocked just three days ago when he had heard of the generals coup and the moves upon Canada. The skirmishes upon the border had been reported and reading between the lines he knew mobilization was happening. He also knew from the apologies of friends whom where no longer available for visits that the Royal Navy was putting to sea, and putting to sea in force. This could only mean they where about to run convoys to Canada, it all made such grisly sense.

Just yesterday France had declared that it stood shoulder to shoulder with the UK, as it had been since 1956 it would be this time too. He knew that the whole New Commonwealth stood ready, the BBC new's bulletins reported it almost hourly now. In fact he looked at his watch, it was due soon.

Bailey listened to the news in all that can described as horror. Full scale war was breaking out on the Canadian border," Oh God those bloody fools "........ Then it was worse............though how it could be he didn't know,..............The Russians , taking advantage of the Chaos within NATO, where moving upon the Persian gulf. T72's where crashing through the Iranian army like a hot knife through butter.

Finally came reports of scattered fighting across the globe, it seemed the world was tearing itself apart. He walked to the window and looked outside as the National Anthem surprisingly began to play. As he looked a light as bright as the sun broke before him.......................