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Miles Monitor AEW1Edit

Developed from the Miles Monitor target tug, this version was upgraded with the 3,500 hp (2,610 kW) Eagle engine driving contra rotating propeller units. Finally giving the aircraft the power it needed, however more power was needed for the AEW version and two Rolls-Royce Clyde turbo props where shoehorned into the airframe to cope with the added weight and considerable drag caused by the radar housing.

The RadarEdit

Mounted above the fuselage in the wedge like structure was a Ferranti Green Blazer MTI radar designed to give a comprehensive coverage in the picket role. Operated by two staff who constantly contacted the parent carrier with updates over one of the first secure encrypted radio systems.


Operated by the RN, RCN and the RSAN it saw service in the Suez conflict and beyond, retiring from RSAN service in 1968 when replaced with more modern designs

The illustrationEdit

The aircraft illustrated is in Canadian service, acting as part of the floating reserve to the southern part of the operation, tasked with monitoring US naval movements during the crisis and the weeks beyond.
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Miles Monitor AEW1, HMCS Magnificent (CVL 21) Operation Musketeer II, 1956