M48 Patton

The M48 Patton was an American-designed medium tank. Comparable to the New Commonwealth's Centurion MBT it was armed with a similar 105mm gun and was the last in the line of American medium tanks. The tank entered service in 1952 and remained inservice with several armies long enough to serve in the '91 War


The M48 has a crew of four (commander/gunner/loader/driver). Main armament is a 105mm gun with a 50cal and 7.62mm machine guns as secondary weapons. Its maximum armour was 120mm thick (more than most equivelent tanks). Combat weight was in the 45 ton range. It's operational range with a typical loadout was 230 miles with a top speed of 30mph.

Combat HistoryEdit

The Falklands Continuation WarEdit

M48 Argentina

Argentinean M48

A number of M48 Patton tanks were transferred to Argentina from US stocks as encouragement to invade the Falkland Islands in 1982. While they played little part in the fighting on the islands themselves they were heavily committed to the "Continuation War" that erupted along the pro-Commonwealth Chilean border. While they were useful in the infantry support role they were poorly matched against New Commonwealth tanks such as the Chieftain.

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