Hunting Aircraft P101 "Stork" 105, Royal Mail Express Cargo, Hucknall, 1987

Hunting Aircraft P101 "Stork"Edit

The last aircraft developed by the independent Hunting Aircraft company before its eventual absorbing by BAC, the Stork was a 3 engined short ranged almost business transport. However it was developed to a request from the Australian government for a transport for internal duties, with the emphasis on economy and ease of maintenance, Just the qualities which made it desirable for companies such as the Royal Mail (33 in service), BEA (12 in service), QANTAS (40+ in service) making it one of the most successful British small jets ever made.

Still in widespread service to this day, its ease of maintenance was a boon after the 91 disaster and the aircraft in Royal Mail service helped to hold the UK together in the dark days immediately after the conflict.