Dannebrog 3
History of Denmark

1945 -is liberated by the allies after 5 years of Nazi occupation during World War 2

1949 -refuses to join NATO

1953 -joins the SDA(Scandanavian Defense Alliance) along with Sweden & Norway

1972 -Queen Margrethe II ascends to the Danish throne (reigns 1972-1991)

1991 -March, 25th -deploys troops to reinforce allies in Hanover

-April, 3rd -Danish troops(along with British, Swedish & Queen's German Legion) fight Warsaw Pact & American forces on the German front

-April, 3rd-7th -loses control & all communications with all settlements in Greenland & the Faroe Islands

-April, 4th(9:47 a.m.) -most of the Danish government is destroyed when a nuclear bomb destroys Copenhagen

-April, 8th -the survivng members of the Danish royal family are massacred as a pro-American military junta overthrows what was left of the Danish government, beginning a two-year civil war between pro-American right-wing military forces & pro-New Commonwealth moderate police & paramilitary units

1993 -June -British & Swedish forces intervene to overthrow the military junta & end the civil war, establishing a interim non-partisan government

1997 -a referendum is held, with the new British monarch becoming Denmark's head of state with Denmark becoming a new part of the remainants of the New Commonwealth

1998 -the first parliamentary election since the 1991 disaster is held with a national unity coalition formed with the Social Democrats, Conservatives & the Liberal Union(a new party formed after the war by a merger of the Social Liberal & Venstre parties). The coalition lasts until 2005, when fresh elections chosen the Social Democrats to form the current government