The Federal Protection Service (FPS) was an organization that was established to secure federal authority within
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Members of the FPS were more feared than the Mafia in the US following the Coup

the United States following the Coup by the Generals.


In reality they were the guarantee set up by the Generals that what they did to oust the legal President of the United States could not happen again to them. They were little more than a secret police force and not even the military was exempt from suspicion with FPS Agents posted at nearly all bases and aboard every warship.


To be a member of the FPS you had to prove your loyalty to the new order. Nearly all of them were ex-servicemen or women and had displayed attributes that supported the Generals and their twisted view for the United States. In general most were

FPS on the streets of a US suburb

seasoned veterans of the armed forces and it was rare to find a member under the age of 30.


Kidnappings, beatings, blackmail and murder were the order of the day for any members or sympathizers unlucky enough to be captured. The result of these actions by the FPS was entirely counter productive. The fear of the FPS coupled with the promise of an America better than the one before the General's took over insured there was always a constant supply of volunteers willing to join the Army of American Liberation (AAL) .