F16 in Angolan ServiceEdit

To help man the aircraft supplied by their "fraternal" allies the combined Mexican revolutionaries often had to use "adviser" or "volunteer" pilots in their aircraft. One country which helped to supply pilots was Angola who also sent a re-enforced motor rifle regiment and 3 AAA batteries, all of which was to be paid for after the conflict, with revenues from Mexican oil reserves. However the entire infrastructure of the oil fields was devastated by the retreating US backed government forces and it was projected that the area would produce no profit until 1998 at the earliest.

Angola was unhappy with such a situation and demanded payment in kind, the only way for this to be achieved was for the new Mexican government to transfer some of the not inconsiderable amount of war making equipment left behind by the US departure to Angola, and so Angola found itself in possession of 12 F16 fighters, enough to operate one squadron. However they never touched down in Angola as the South African Government and the New Commonwealth would consider this an act of war and respond accordingly.

Based at San Sebastian Airbase the F16s were the apple of the new regime and the Angolan government's eye, often in the international press and often seen in prominent places in parades and exercises, they however suffered with serviceability and accomplished nothing at all during the 91 disaster apart from attracting US missiles onto the airbase,