British Aircraft Corporation Spirit FR3Edit

The hours of the 1st of May 1989 where misty at ground level, Sqn leader Paterson had never had mission orders like this before and she had never carried live thermonuclear warheads in her plane but she was confident in her training and she could see the use of the orders. With the conflict between India and China escalating and the severe unrest in the USA following the contested election 3 years ago continuing there was just the need to be up there in the sky defending the country.

Sqn leader Paterson sat through the briefing, she was amazed at how much the world situation had changed in just over 24 hours and amazed that the entire New Commonwealth was going onto an immediate war footing. Intelligence had come in that a clique of American generals were about to launch a coup. If this happened then immediate reinforcements were to be sent to Canada and all patrols were to be stepped up.

The Mission was of vital importance, the new stealth craft was to probe American defences and make sure that whatever happened the UK was seen as strong and not a push over for this possibly newly militaristic USA.

She had converted to the Spirit 2 years ago now and was conversant with its abilities and looked forward to the day it became public and she could tell people of the craft she flew and not spin the story of the "Airbus" she supposedly flew for the RAF! The Spirit was the cutting edge of RAF weapons systems and nothing in the world could touch it. It was virtually untraceable on radar with a return less than a sparrow and an infra red signature smaller than any aircraft active in the world at the time. She loved her aircraft and she loved her job.

After the briefing Sqn Leader Paterson walked out to her aircraft and completed her walk around, signed off with her ground crew and climbed aboard. She piloted the plane down the runway and commenced her mission, this was one of her last peaceful mission as months later the 91 disaster commenced. It is known that Sqn Leader Paterson completed 4 missions during the disaster and that she survived the conflict, it is also known that she was the pilot of the aircraft that escorted the Princess Royal back to the UK from Norway so she could take up her Regency and that she had a prominent part in the reconstituted post conflict RAF.