The B.A.C. Jaguar P/3 is a variant of the Anglo-French SEPECAT Jaguar

Development and ServiceEdit

The Jaguar P was intended as a maritime strike upgrade, developed especially for Portugal with a weapons system completely compatible with the latest equipment the New Commonwealth was fielding at the time and represented some of Portugal's finest military equipment, piloted by the finest pilots available.

Portuguese serviceEdit

Centro de Aviação Naval de Macau was the original naval airbase at Macau, however it was closed in 1942 leaving Portugal without any presence in the area until 1974 when the base was reopened after the signing of the Macua pact with the United Kingdom (this basically committed the UK and Portugal to jointly defend Hong Kong and Macau if either was threatened by the Red Chinese) and upgraded initially to operate helicopters and finally the upgraded Jaguar Ps supplied by the UK in 1986.

91 Disaster and BeyondEdit

War service in the 91 disaster was brief, in cooperation with UK and other allied New Commonwealth countries, and limited to strikes against the PLAN forces operating in and around the Chinese coast. Macau itself suffered no damage but as Hong Kong had come under attack Portugal was honour bound to help the UK defend its territories.

Post war the Jaguars remained in service in Macau until 2006 when they were withdrawn to the Azores where they fly to this day.