전투기사업 토착 벚꽃 사 (Indigenous Fighter Project, Cherry Blossom 4)Edit

On the 14th of April 1989 the Korean People's Air Force deployed its forces for the first of that summer's exercises (Southern Liberation 3) and one of the aircraft involved was the new Cherry Blossom 4. This was the first time the Aircraft had been seen by the western intelligence community though discrete rumours had been around for a few years.

Deployed as a fighter by the KPAF it was believed to have a austere avionics suite based upon Chinese examples themselves inferior copies of Soviet equipment. The airframe was believed to be a synthesis of MiG 21 and MiG 19 components with two wing hardpoints for fuel and chin and wingtip hardpoints for missiles, themselves previously unknown models in Korea's inventory and at least one 23mm cannon.

Originally based at Hwangsuwon-ni airbase as part of the 72nd Air Regiment it soon was seen in other regiments and before the 91 disaster became a regular site intercepting US and South Korean aircraft over international waters.

Nothing can be confirmed of the types war service in the 91 disaster and it is not known if any survived the collapse of north Korea, the civil war that followed or if any are in the inventories of the warlord states that now occupy the area.